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29 Oktyabr 2021 Məqalalələr

We can determine the development of the creative industry in the country based on the growing creative entrepreneurship and the growth of local brands. In this article we will get acquainted with famous local brands operating in the field of crafts. The number of such brands is quite large, and today we will tell you about a group of them.


Resm  Jewellery

It was created to combine beauty and cultural heritage.

Resm Jewellery is a local jewellery brand. All products reflect the history of Azerbaijan, its features and patterns. Each collection of products bears the fine traces of history.

Resm Jewellery presents a modern interpretation of the patterns and ornaments of ancient Azerbaijan. Not just a fashionable accessory, Paintings create a connection with the culture, traditions and, above all, the spirit of Azerbaijan. In addition to having a character and the highest quality, regardless of the period to which they belong, Resm Jewellery allows you to surpass the usual fashion trends and join a world inhabited by ancestors.

All Paintings are provided with individual illustrations explaining the historical nature of the design, the origin of the patterns and the traditional ornaments. These unique and exclusive works of art are an ideal gift for anyone with a natural inclination and commitment to beauty and heritage. ”

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The Chalabi brand offers handmade furniture, ceramics, pillows, various types of fabrics and accessories. All products here are the embodiment of private details and history of Azerbaijan.

Chalabi is one of the famous designs of the Karabakh carpet school and one of the 7 carpet schools in Azerbaijan. Its name comes from a mountainous and picturesque village in the north-western region of Karabakh, known for its magnificently decorated carpets.

Traditional Azerbaijani models, national motifs and folklore scenes adorn most of the products and have two purposes: to reflect brightness in the image and at the same time to take you back to those days in your daily life, recalling the carefree memories of childhood. ”

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I Love Baku

I Love Baku is a local souvenir brand. The brand offers a wide range of products decorated with Azerbaijani ornaments and patterns.

I love Baku is the first official souvenir brand in Azerbaijan. Delicately designed, each "I love Baku" souvenir reflects the history, rich cultural heritage and traditions of our country, unique national ornaments and patterns that have been preserved for centuries and passed down from generation to generation. With love from Azerbaijan, for you!

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Manzar Hajiyeva Agency

Manzar Hajiyeva Agency is a local brand engaged in the production of pearls of Azerbaijan. The brand has online stores in London and Baku. Also, kalaghayis prepared by Manzar Hajiyeva Agency represent Azerbaijan in exhibitions of different countries.

“Every year we prepare a new collection inspired by the rich heritage of Azerbaijan. Our scarves are limited and sometimes we can't replicate one pattern, which makes the product completely unique.

The production of kalaghayi is a popular heritage art. Patterns printed on wooden or metal stamps are made by placing them on silk soaked in hot wax. ”

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Ninka Cards

Ninka Cards prepare individual postcards, invitations, albums, special gift boxes for local customers according to their tastes and desires.

"Every new order and story is like a new world for us, we try to find the most important details from this world and reflect it beautifully in the order."

In addition to individual orders, customers are also offered ready-made postcards and products.

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Butali Azerbaijan Jewellery

Butali Azerbaijan Jewellery products are inspired by Azerbaijani art and ornaments of the future. These products, each of which is an example of creativity, are unique to local art reflects their values.

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Handicraft Baku

Handicraft Baku is a shop of various handicrafts. In addition to elements that reflect local culture, other patterns are used in the preparation of products. The wide range of products offered attracts the attention of those interested in creativity. The handicrafts take the audience on a journey to different fields of art.

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Nargiz Porcelain

Nargis Porcelain offers a variety of home accessories, custom-made handicrafts. Here you can find products that reflect the elements of both modern times and history. The fact that the products are handmade makes them more noticeable and valuable.

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