Creative Azerbaijan

“Creative Azerbaijan” portal supporting the favorable eco-system needed for the development of cultural and creative industries (CCIs) in Azerbaijan provides public awareness and promotion on those areas, and promotes the local production, dissemination and export of the local creative products and services.

This Portal aims at creating the suitable platform for facilitation and coordination of sector-specific development processes, as well as elaborating in future the important pre-conditions for the “Creative Azerbaijan” brand. This brand will contribute in future to the identification of existing potential of creative industries in the country and its sustainable promotion, and henceforth to due implementation of necessary activities for the purpose of promotion and sale of local creative products and services of Azerbaijan in domestic and foreign markets.

The following activities are realized within the framework of “Creative Azerbaijan”:

  • Increase public awareness on CCIs and regularly update profile information on the existing entrepreneurs in creative sector in each area;
  • Organize and share news on capacity building trainings, seminars, exchanges and other development courses to the creative youth and talents in CCIs;
  • Create financing instruments on CCIs and provide updates on the existing financial supporting opportunities;
  • Stimulate the export of local creative and cultural products;
  • Support conducting researches and studies in CCIs.

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